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Heal the Bay are hosting live webinars for students to explore water-themed topics like tide pools, the sewage system, and coastal birds. All of the webinars are recorded and then added to the site for later viewing. Each webinar also has a list of resources (videos, PDFs, web pages etc) that students can access to boost their learning.

The Dept of Beaches & Harbors and Heal the Bay created this activity guide to prompt learning about watersheds, pollution and conservation. It will require a printer if your students would like to fill in. Also available in Spanish.

Tree People have developed quick daily home activities for Pre-K to adults. They include songs, activities, experiments and videos. Some of the activities are also available in Spanish.

Water for LA: LA is Thirsty (Middle - High School)

A good resource for independent student research, suitable for Middle & High School students. It focuses on where LA’s water comes from, and why water is so integral to the planning and development of Los Angeles County. It features some neat infographics and maps that help visual learners understand the key ideas. Also available in Spanish.

Our friends at FoLAR have shared their in-class curriculum for educators and families. Usually these resources would be given to teachers before a visit from the LA River Rover, but now families can access these materials to learn about the LA River from home. For further materials and information, click see the full FOLAR LA River Curriculum.

Utilizing the webcams at the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Aquarium of the Pacific has built lessons that can be completed from home. Students this young will need some support with the tech aspects, but can engage in the learning independently. There are also more Aquarium Webcam Resource Kits for K-8th grade. 

The Aquarium of the Pacific has daily live lessons aimed at different age brackets: Pre-K, K-2nd, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th, & 9th-12th. Students can tune in to learn about the animals, habitats, water, and how the aquarium manages the water quality. Their coloring pages are also great if your kids are in need of some down time.

The Aquarium of the Pacific and PBS have partnered to create some videos about the specific water challenges California faces as a drought state.

Cornucopia (Middle School)

A neat environmental simulation game produced by the California Academy of Sciences about food systems and how much water is required for farming. There is a teacher’s guide to link the game to NGSS, and to encourage further learning.

Healthy Oceans | Flipside Science (Middle - High School)

Videos and Guides to learn about sustainability, coral reefs, climate change and plastic pollution. There are classroom activity guides that can be adapted for home, or the videos and questions can be set as independent work.

The Deep Sea (4th Grade - Adults)

Creative coder Neal Agarwal has created some interactive online learning tools for while we’re learning at home. This one helps us understand how deep the ocean is, and what life we can find at varying depths.

(Middle - High School)

The Watershed Connections Activity Book is suitable for 8th-12th grade. Although students might not be able to do the testing during the Safer At Home Measures, they can engage with the materials. There are some lesson plans in the Drive that can be adapted for home, as well.

This work along activity is a fantastic resource for teachers, parents and students to learn about watersheds. The locational data is focused on the Bay Area, but the information is very valid, and the learning objectives are the same. It may require a little prep to get students on their way at home, but once they’re set up, much of the work can be independent. The links to videos and resources allow students to chip away at the unit of work in their own time. Here are some similar resources from Grassroots

(Segundo grado/ 2⁰ grado - Octavo Grado /8⁰ grado)

El Departamento de Playas y Puertos y "Heal the Bay" crearon esta guía de actividades para aprender sobre cuencas hidrográficas, contaminación y conservación. Se requerirá una impresora si sus alumnos desean completar la actividad. También disponible en inglés.

Este video explica a su estudiante acerca de lo que es una cuenca hidrográfica y cómo se conecta con nuestro ecosistema. ¿Qué es una cuenca?

Los Ángeles Tiene Sed | Agua Para LA  (Secundaria - Preparatoria)

Un buen recurso para la investigación de estudiantes independientes, adecuado para estudiantes de secundaria y preparatoria. Se centra en de dónde proviene el agua de Los Angeles y por qué el agua es tan integral para la planificación y el desarrollo del condado de Los Angeles. Cuenta con algunas infografías y mapas ordenados que ayudan a los estudiantes visuales a entender las ideas clave.  También disponible en inglés.

“Tree People” ha desarrollado actividades en casa para Pre-K y para adultos. Incluyen canciones, actividades, experimentos y videos. 

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