How Animals Care for Their Young (Pre-K - 2nd Grade)

PBS has designed plenty of interactive resources for virtual learning, with videos, support materials and curriculum links. You will need to create a free account, but you’ll be able to access lots of materials. Another great one to learn about animals and their offspring is: Animal Families | Everyday Learning.

Animals Help Their Babies Survive (K - 2nd Grade)

Generation Genius has made their interactive NGSS-aligned lessons free until 08/31 (but you’ll still need to create an account). These lessons include teacher materials, quizzes, videos, glossaries and discussion or writing prompts. Some of the lessons also include DIY activities for students to complete at home.

LA Zoo - Virtual Field Trips (K - 5th Grade)

The LA Zoo has put together a great virtual field trip to learn about their animals, as well as how to build scientific skills like making observations, and asking questions. It includes some very cute zoo babies, too! Also available in Spanish.También disponible en español

Meet LA Zoo’s Babies (Pre-K - 2nd Grade)

A short video to introduce how different zoo animals parent their offspring, with help from the babies that have been born at the Los Angeles Zoo recently. There is a beautiful book of Coloring Pages to keep little ones busy and creative, too

Why do baby animals look so cute? (Pre-K - 1st Grade)

Educational videos that investigate questions from students. They encourage students to make observations and ask questions (no matter how seemingly frivolous).

Storyline Online (Pre-K - 1st Grade)

This sweet story about a raccoon Mom and baby helps little ones deal with anxiety, while also helping them consider how parents or guardians help keep their offspring safe and loved.

Observation & Play Activity (Pre-K - 2nd Grade)

You can adapt this play-inspired activity from Tinkergarten based on your home space. Firstly, have your little ones observe a bird and their offspring using the following webcams: