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Welcome to the Community Nature Connection’s virtual resources blog! 

A blog that brings the outdoors and outdoor issues to you when you are unable to get to the outside!

Community Nature Connection (CNC) strives in making nature accessible to everyone. Through programming and partnerships, CNC 1) seeks to inspire the next generation of environmental advocates, storytellers, and change makers, 2) desires to highlight the somatic benefits and wellness by being connected to and in relationship with nature, and 3) works to elevate the visibility of BIPOC, differently abled, LGBTQIA+, and others in outdoor spaces.

CNC's blog is meant to connect Angelenos to natural world of Los Angeles through stories, insights, experiences, and perspectives. In these efforts, CNC attempts to make visible the importance of nature services; the inherent resiliency born from the interconnectedness of the flora, fauna, and habitat; and elevate the mental and physical health benefits of having access to public spaces, as well as the need to have time to commune in these spaces. 

 CNC's blog is intended to be a dynamic space beyond just hiking and trails, but to include ideas on the intersection of art, policy, culture, and economics and open park spaces. We will offer up a variety of themes, along with links, ideas for activities, free resources, and videos that have been created by our partners and sister organizations. 

Imagining ourselves in nature spaces is a critical step toward envisioning a reconnected world and engaging futures we want to live in. It’s important for us to regularly gather in communal open spaces to share company, dialogue, and collectively experience the benefits nature on our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We must utilize the resources we have to stay connected.

Also, CNC will use this communication tool to actively encourage outdoor career pathways by posting relevant volunteer, job, and educational opportunities that can help folx add skills and experiences to their outdoor education toolbelt.

You can rely on blog posts here on the CNC website as well as daily posts on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. If you find the resources helpful and/or tried any of them yourselves, please share them on your social media and tag us! We'd love to see your creations.


In community,

Community Nature Connection 


This Month's Contributors:


Delaney Alamillo


Jenna Cobb

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Kya-Marina Lê



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