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Transit To Trails L.A. Coastal Access Guides (English)

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

While we work from home, we have expanded our endeavors through a three part series of multilingual guides in English, Spanish, and Chinese. We want to spread awareness about coastal access, highlight some of our favorite coastal sites in the Los Angeles area, and share resources with you all. Our intention is to provide a brief introduction to topics that may be new to our community members as they were once new to us. Please note that we could not expand on every topic nor is this a definitive list of topics and issues along the coast. These guides were made for educational and recreational purposes. CNC invites you to use these guides as you plan your own visits in the future.

If you have any questions or feedback pertaining to these guides, please feel free to reach out to Marissa Llanes at We love learning and unlearning, so if you have a topic you’d like for us to consider including in a future issue or revision, don’t be a stranger- drop us a line.

We hope to see you at one of our programs when it is safe to resume in-person events again.

These guides were funded and supported by the California Coastal Commission Whale Tail Grant. We are grateful for their everlong commitment to coastal access and ongoing support of our programs. Thank you for being patient and flexible with us during the pandemic as we navigate these turbulent waters.

*This blog post along with the English guides were updated and shared for download on April 23, 2021.*


The guides are listed below in order of issue number and are interactive. To access the guide hover or click on the image. You can also download the document if you wish.

Transit to Trails L.A. Coastal Access Guide, Winter 2021 - Issue 01 - Volume 01

Download PDF:

[English] TTT 1_ Leo Carrillo & KGR
Download ZIP • 104.06MB


Transit to Trails L.A. Coastal Access Guide, Winter 2021 - Issue 01 - Volume 02

Download PDF:

[English] TTT 2_ Temescal & Will Rogers
Download • 146.15MB


Transit to Trails L.A. Coastal Access Guide, Winter 2021 - Issue 01 - Volume 03

Download PDF:

[English] TTT 3_ Abalone & Manhattan
Download PDF • 131.38MB


We encourage you to be safe and to search your county regulations for the latest information pertaining to stay-at-home orders, closures, and ways to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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