Video: 7,000 Kinds of Amphibians

(Pre-K - 2nd Grade)

This doesn’t explicitly cover adaptations, but can open the door to a conversation about how different species have evolved or adapted to their environment. You'll definitely feel the amphibian love after watching (and singing along with) this cute music video.

Invent an Insect (3rd - 5th Grade)

Have students study some insects of their own choosing, encouraging them to make inferences about what function some of their adaptations might serve. Then use the provided worksheet to have students invent their own insect. What adaptations does it have to survive?

Animal & Plant Adaptations | Science Lesson For Kids (3rd - 5th Grade)

Generation Genius has made their interactive NGSS-aligned lessons free until 08/31 (you’ll still need to create an account). These lessons include teacher materials, quizzes, videos, glossaries and discussion or writing prompts. Some of the lessons also include DIY activities for students to complete at home.