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Make your own Nature and Art Journal Experiment with plant pigments, plein air color landscapes, or make plant mandalas with the Natural History Museum’s guide on making your own nature and art journal. 

DIY Moth Light Setting up a light and a sheet to attract moths is a simple and easy way to bring more nature into your backyard. Science Friday has instructions for observing moths, and the California Center for Natural History has instructions for building your own moth light to attract a wider variety of moths.

Wildwood’s Nature Rescue Squad have created some simple DIYs to do at home, especially for Pre-K to 2nd grade.

DIY Terrarium Create your own self sustaining ecosystem at home, with little maintenance required, terrariums look great anywhere in your space. 

Create your own Bird Feeder A simple and fun way to bring more birds into your yard, plus these can easily be made with recycled products!

4 ways to create your own backyard herp haven For folks looking to observe herpetofauna (reptiles and amphibians), you can attract these friends to your backyard with these four techniques. It takes several weeks to start finding herpetofauna. Got more time on your hands than you’re used to? is a huge directory that is constantly being updated.

Urban Farming: Research, Writing, and Videos Learn about urban farming techniques, find new recipes, and more from Happily Natural Days’ blog and videos.

All About Soil Learn all about the life beneath our feet as TreePeople covers all things soil, from learning how to build healthy soil, to compost, and other activities. New topics are added every week, so make sure to visit regularly to see what else you can learn. 

Edible Education 101 is a hybrid public lecture series and for-credit class. It has been offered to undergraduate students and members of the public for nine semesters since 2011.

The Environmental Learning Center offers a range of fun resources to do at home like this Backyard Scavenger Hunt!


Help scientists identify plants and animals on Here's a

short video that explains How to use iNaturalist's Identify Page. Feel free to share this video with others so that they can help identify too!

Greenlining We The Future 2020: A virtual summit on racial equity May 21, 2020 at 9:15 AM PST. As our nation faces a public health crisis beyond our comprehension and the subsequent economic fallout, the need to embrace and uplift racial equity could not be more important. Greenlining’s Economic Summit brings together thought leaders at the forefront of the fight for justice and equity.

Join some of the country's leading racial justice experts, advocates, and activists for a full day of cyber networking, fireside chats, and thought-provoking panels on what we must do to ensure that recovery efforts reach all communities. We'll reimagine how to fundamentally transform our economy, society, and our planet with racial equity at the core.

Grounding with Compassion in Times of Physical Isolation - A journey of support, sustainability, resilience and collective care for those on the front lines of the social justice movement. Every Wednesdays from 8:00 am - 8:50 am PST. If you are interested in joining please email:

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